About Book Magic

Bookmagic has been created to provide a reader with unique books in the cooking genre. Not typical cook-books filled with recipes but the manuals which require deeper study, where the information is compiled in an easy to comprehend manner. The end result will be the complete mastering of the subject. For example most books about home made sausages are written by restaurant chefs or sausage making lovers who may have already gained some experience in this field. The majority of those books provide a very rudimentary knowledge on making sausages in general, and are loaded with hundreds of recipes which today are available for free on the Internet. Many of those wonderful recipe sites are run by college educated kids or telemarketers who are good at writing. This is what they do for a living - they sit at home and nicely compile information that they think is relevant to their employer. How many do you think have made their own cheese, sauerkraut, blood sausage, cold smoked salmon or pork loin?

The books we will market go a step beyond a simple recipe, they will offer insights to why certain products are made in a particular way and what is the reason behind it. This is where the "bookmagic" comes into play - offering high value books at affordable almost magical price.

There are some very expensive technical textbooks written in a technical lingo by highly respected authorities in a particular field. People seldom realize that the job of the professor at a known university is not really to teach undergraduates rudimentary knowledge. This job is reserved for teaching assistants who are advanced pursuing a master degree. Famous professors do teach people who go for master or doctor degrees, but their main objective is to publish new original material and bring fame to their colleges. And they precisely do that with new discoveries and by publishing new original material.

Unfortunately, these highly technical papers are written in such difficult technical terms, that most of them are beyond the comprehension of an average person. They might be of interest, and probably are even required to be read by college students enrolled in agriculture or meat science courses, but they are of little use to a housewife making products at home. Thus, was born the idea of publishing books that will bridge the advanced science with a hobbyist, and will bring this heavenly knowledge down to a common ground.

Book Magic

We pride ourselves on creating simple, yet informative books