The Art and Science of Cooking

This is the second and enlarged edition of the 1878 classic The Art and Science of Cooking which was printed in 1879. This treasure chest of 689 wonderful and tried recipes includes full and explicit instructions that cannot fail to please the very seasoned or beginner cooks. For an advanced cook the book provides a window into the American culinary past with a historical summary. The book starts off with soups, then fish, meats, poultry, eggs, cheese, vegetables, pickles and salads. Baked goods including cakes, pies and other desserts such as sauces and puddings are mentioned in detail. There are wild game recipes, table etiquette, table decorations and sample menus. For any aspiring cook this book is a must as it covers the entire scope of the art of cooking in just one volume. The book is a source of inspiration for choosing a simple or fancy meal for any occasion. The recipes are simple and plain, the work being primarily designed for the home, rather than for a commercial grade kitchen. These timeless recipes are as true as a hundred years ago and the only possible difference is the more advanced equipment that a modern cook has at his disposal.

ISBN: 97809982426746, 288 pages, Format: 6 x 9, Paperback, SRP: $15.95, Genre: Cooking.