Making Healthy Sausages

"Making Healthy Sausages" reinvents traditional sausage making by introducing a completely new way of thinking. The sausage is not spiced hamburger meat anymore, but rather a "package" which contains meat plus other ingredients. All those ingredients acting together create a nutritional and healthy product. The purpose of the book is to educate the reader how to use new additives that the food industry has embraced for so long. How to apply less salt and fat and produce a sausage that will be flavorsome, healthy and safe to eat. After reading this book you should be able to create your own recipes or modify any existing recipe to make a healthier sausage without compromising the flavor. The collection of 80 recipes provides a valuable reference on the structure of reduced fat products. The book teaches the basics of sausage making and includes all advice and tips that will make the reader a proficient and knowledgeable sausage maker. You will be able to control the amount of calories the sausage contains and decide what ingredients will go inside. After studying the book you will be the modern sausage maker.

Making Healthy Sausages
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330 pages

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ISBN: 978-0983697305

  • Sheila Raj

    While the words 'healthy' and 'sausage' are not often seen together, the authors of 'Making Healthy Sausages' suggest they ought to be. They have created a large variety of methods and recipes, and all can be eaten without feeling guilty. The mantra of the book is to reduce fat and salt intake, which is hard to do when making sausages. But the authors of the book manage to do just that with some eccentric recipes. They even dedicate a portion of the book to making veggie sausages. This is a must for anyone trying to eat healthier while still enjoying their food.